Fernando Miranda. International Fitness Presenter que ha presentado su trabajo, en más de 100 eventos y 4 continentes por todo el mundo: España, Portugal, Italia, Bélgica, Alemania, Grecia, Polonia, Eslovenia, Austria, Rusia, Argentina, Uruguay, Irlanda, Inglaterra, Croacia, Corea, Taiwán, Marruecos, Japón… http://www.ideasfitness.com Director Técnico de Ideasfitness®️. Especialista y formador docente en aeróbic y step.

Organizador De Ideas Fitness convention, Málaga, España.


Fernando Miranda Conventions International Fitness Presenter who has performed in more than 100 events and 3 continents around the world: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Austria, Russia, Argentina, Uruguay, Ireland, England, Croatia,  Corea,.. http://www.fernandomiranda.es Technical Director of Fitness Evolution (www.fitnessevolution.es) Trainer and fitness assistant with more than 10 years of experience. Specialist and teacher trainer in Step and Aerobic Dance. Trainer and creator of indoor cycling courses. Talent discovery and management of future presenters both in Spain and abroad Director from IDEAS FITNESS CONVENTION, Malaga, Spain http://www.ideasfestival.es Director Gimnasio Elite http://www.elitemalaga.com

Class and workshops

STEP EVOLUTION: In this class you will find all the tools used by Fernando in his classes normally that have given him a personal and own style, in addition with the option to choose his UNEQUAL SYMMETRY, without forgetting the cardiovascular work, looking for beaks of resistance it activates and accompanying them of a methodological, sure and enterteining choreography, with the aim of which without realizing, you come to the final result waited with all the necessary ingredients.

AEROBICS EVOLUTION: cardiovascular Exercise structured in a choreography, with all the resources necessary for beech a correct order in the session: progressions like basic tool of development, changes flatly and / or order, asymmetries and simetries, insertions.. and something of style that they will do that you do not forget easily this class with Fernando. Theoretical practical workshop, where you will be able to observe this new tool and pedagogic system designed by Fernando, where you will observe what means, which contributes you to what you have, of what it consists and where you must introduce it in your meetings of step. Beside the secrets see that haran of your classes one d Believe that the communication is important in your meetings??? And until you think point that it is like that??? In this workshop you will know the secret. And you will see and know like and why, big communicators in the world of the fitness and out of him they have managed to triumph and ll – you wonder because some clients get hurt in your classes?? Or since can you prevent them from doing it in a future? This seminar will make you check the whole technology in your classes, with the aim to improve biomecanica and physiologically your movement on the step, and reduce the risk of injuries of your classes. Because the client is the more important.

AERODANCE Workshop – Do you want to learn with one of the teachers with more work in the world? Do you want to learn the new technologies, choreographies and methodologies that use in the Fitness from spain?? This one is your workshop, where you will be able to learn and to see where the former aerobics goes, increasing steps of dance close to Latin style, that will produce that you have new resources for your classes. And all that with the best music of the moment, are you ready???

Step Workshop Do you know all the possible combinations of symmetrical step?? want to know where everything comes from?? where we come from and where are we going?? or maybe you would prefer to know which is the technique we need to teach a class?? this is your seminar!

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