IdeasFitness® is a new fitness program, where you will find all the tools and choreographies required to develop your classes in a simple and methodical way.

We believe that fitness professionals deliver too many classes and our intention is to provide you with all the necessary tools and resources for you to carry out classes in the best and professional manner possible that everyone will enjoy.

We will provide you with:

* More choreographies than ever before
* Adapting to different levels of step
* Characteristics and included methodologies
* combinations for multiple classes
* Advice and methods of education to use your full potential
*  Breakdown of steps until you reach the final modifications
* Spanish/english

A Simple price, no surprises

Our concept is that you have all the neccessary materials at home, no surprises … You will always have your materials at home because is yours. The price is what you pay with no added fees, surprises or problems.

Your membership will be active providing you pay your subscriptions.

You will find all materials professionally packed, with music containing our own copyrights and indications in each issue of the DVDS.

We offer you two simple ways to register and become a member.


Option 1:

Annual subscription:
Payments of 8.33 € per month (100 € in total), 4 DVDS home. Each DVD will be sent to you every three months and will include several sections offering you a variety of different combinations that can be used in multiple classes.

We will soon be presenting the professional team who will form part of IDEASFITNESS® editions, to give you a picture of the Instructors who will teach you at home in IDEASFITNESS® 3, 4 and 5.

Option 2:

DVD subscription: Another feasible option is to purchase the DVD’s individually. In this case it would only be € 35 with shipping included.

For any of these options, you only have to enter our online store and select your method of payment.

You have it HERE

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